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Electronic Prescribing for Veterinary Hospitals

InstinctScripts is a first-of-its-kind e-prescribing platform and pharmacy module that revolutionizes the way veterinary hospitals and pharmacies prescribe, dispense, communicate, track, and process scripts and refill requests.

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Introducing Rx Workflow Bliss

Say goodbye to drowning in printing, faxing, and pharmacy calls. 👋 


For years, veterinarians have been unable to enjoy the advantages of electronic prescription software that our human medical counterparts have come to depend on. 

InstinctScripts is easy-to-use cloud-based software for both veterinary hospitals and the pharmacies that serve them.


Our new platform allows your team to e-prescribe and manage prescription task management. In addition, we infuse Plumb's drug lookup and our exclusive medication safety warning system, connect to your existing software, and make it seamless to approve refill requests from a variety of outside pharmacies with the click of a button. 

Now your practice and clients can enjoy all the benefits that an e-prescription system has to offer with InstinctScripts, the veterinary industry's only full-service electronic prescription software. 

Increased Accuracy, Efficiency, and Cost Savings With InstinctScripts

InstinctScripts is a sophisticated platform ready for any hospital to use. It enables veterinarians to input and track prescription information digitally and instantly share that information with staff and pharmacies. It eliminates the need for veterinary staff to spend time on the phone with pharmacies or consult with clients on the status of their prescriptions being filled by online or retail pharmacies. This means less time, energy, and frustration required for the whole prescription process.


What are the results? Increased satisfaction and loyalty from clients, reduced phone room volumes, improved efficiency for veterinary staff, and greater profitability for hospital owners.

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Improved Safety, Security, and Convenience

InstinctScripts streamlines the prescription process securely, but also uniquely reduces medication errors, greatly enhancing safety. Veterinary and pharmacy staff enjoy real-time access to prescription status as well as up-to-date information about drugs such as interactions, allergies, and dosing.

More Reasons to Love E-Prescribing

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Connected Communications

InstinctScripts facilitates bidirectional communication between pharmacies and veterinary hospitals, reducing staff workload, keeping patients safe, and improving revenue.


Modern Technology

InstinctScripts uses the latest technology so you can access it anytime and anywhere from the devices your team already uses.

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Easy Integrations

InstinctScripts integrates with your practice management system so key information is fully available where you need it 24/7/365.

We're finally bringing the veterinary prescription process into the 21st century. 

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